Body Shop at Home Party

Saturday my super cool sister in law came down and presented at our house, a Body Shop at Home party. Kelly and I were the hosts. We decided to do the “Spa Day” theme, which means basically, we get to soak our feet, try on body butters, lotions, a little make up and chill out and relax.

It was much needed after recovering from this whole back issue. I was worried my back wouldn’t be in good enough shape to participate but I was pretty mobile. We had a lot of great laughs, played around with products and ate some delicious food.

As host I was able to clean up on quite a bit of products, so when it all comes in I’ll take a pic. Anyone who knows me, knows I’m not a real “girlie-girl” but this stuff is good quality and makes your skin feel wonderful, and who can say no to that. Now if only our place had some incredible hot tub. Next home…

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