Bad Little Falls

Bad Little Falls 02

I ordered from B&H Photo a 0.9 Neutral Density filter, just for taking photos of waterfalls. In Machias is Bad Little Falls, luckily for me, there was plenty of water flowing through them. I set the tripod up, with the filter and used my remote to snap photos.

I had the camera settings at ISO100 / f18 / 1.6s.


  1. Colin Devroe   •  

    Gorgeous. I took some photos of a stream not too long ago and was playing around with several different settings – I’ll have to post those soon.

    Oh, and I definitely need to pick up more lenses and filters. Priorities, unfortunately, have been elsewhere lately.

  2. Diana   •     Author

    Thanks for the compliments. Definitely post your photos of the stream I’d love to see them. I’ve been trying to capture this photo since 2001. That’s when I got my first digital camera and it’s been, when time was available, research and trying it out. It wasn’t until I learned about the neutral density filter that the light bulb went off. It really does help with getting that silky water effect during times that aren’t dawn and dusk.

    I hear yah on needing more lenses and filters. The filters weren’t too bad, 15.00 range, but lenses, ugh, there’s several I want, but we’re also trying to save for a house.

    Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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