Eat, Sleep, Work, Move

The past few months have been quite hectic. We decided we’d had enough of living in the middle of the state and moved back to the western side. I’m able to have a highway free commute which I love. We’re now closer to the parks we like to hike and bike at. All in all it was a good decision. The implementation should have been smooth but it got crazy with stitches for Craig, a few car related incidents, 3 loaner cars and getting to know a collision repair center very well. At some point I’ll post pics of our new place, preferably after the snow has receded. I’ve been sorely neglecting my design work in favor of sleep and brain candy. Which I might add, I love Dexter. I’ve been focused on being re-inspired and making a point to […]

OS X 10.1

I came across this while searching for the documentation on my PowerBook G4 which we are selling. A flood of memories come back for me when I saw this packet. In August 2001, I made the investment in a PowerMac G4 Tower (QuickSilver Edition) and it came with OS X 10.0 preloaded in dual boot mode. I fell in love with OS X. I used it as much as I could with the few apps I had that would run under it. In October 2001, I went job hunting in the Fairfax County area of Virginia and stayed with family while sending out resumés. While down in the area, we were next to only the second Apple Store in the country. The store in Alexandria was the only one to open after the one in San Francisco. Craig and I […]

Build Guild Hartford

Another fun night at the Build Guild Hartford meet up. Through twitter contact @kerusdotorg I found out about the Build Guild meet ups. He and I had shared a mutual interest to have a local CT meet up for those in the web design field without feeling pressured to have an agenda. The Build Guild seemed to be a perfect fit. It’s an evening for those in the field to chat, vent and share stories. So far I’ve been very impressed by the people attending, there’s some very talented people doing great work in the state. Hopefully this will continue and attract others to come share in the fun.

The Black Keys

In May, while on vacationing in Maine, we caught an episode of Jimmy Fallon with The Black Keys. I loved their sound, made a note in my notebook and proceeded to forget about it. That is of course until about 2 weeks ago and I decided I needed some new music to listen to. This may be one of my favorite albums of 2010, and the last few years. I love the soulful blues rock combination. I bought their current album Brothers and will be going back to buy previous albums. I introduced my sister-in-law to their music over Thanksgiving, she too fell in love with it. Then shared with me their video for Tighten Up (above), it’s fun to watch, if you don’t laugh you might need to pinch yourself.


Amazing! Found this via as Jason said the build up is a bit long and the blow your mind crazy maneuvers begin at 3:00.

Restoring Headlights

I’ve been following the emergence of restorative headlight products. I had debated about going through a shop and having them do it, but currently my funds are a bit tight. Meguiars has a kit, as does Turtle Wax and RainX. I opted to go with RainX’s product. It comes with a bottle of lubricant, 3 different sanding pads, a polishing cream, a sealant and microfiber towel. The driver side headlight of the CR-V was quite foggy. The passenger not as bad. After one application I was able to get the passenger side restored quite nicely. The driver side required a second treatment. It does buff the plastic down to a very smooth surface again. I’m curious to see how long it lasts and if I’ll need to do this again after the winter season. The part I liked the most […]

Beautiful Time Lapse Photography

Joshua Tree Under the Milky Way from Henry Jun Wah Lee on Vimeo. I can’t remember where I found out about Henry Jun Wah Lee’s incredibly time lapse photography, but ever since I’ve been mesmerized viewing the videos. The video above of the Perseid meteor shower and the Milky Way as seen from Joshua Tree. When we were in New Hampshire we were able to see the Milky Way from the Kancamagus Highway like I hadn’t seen it in a very long time. Everyone should have the opportunity to see the Milky Way like that. The other video/time lapse I fell in love with is the Time Lapse Tour of Yosemite National Park. A place I would love to visit and hopefully will someday with my camera.