Have You Seen My iQue?

That was a question I was asking myself last week, as I waited for my Garmin iQue to return from being RMA’d. It has only taken me 7 years to fully start using a PDA (i.e. Palm Pilot). I was hot to get the first one that came out the PalmPilot Professional. I even upgraded the RAM to 1MB. It was the coolest gadget, and surely this would make my life better. Well, then I got a Palm Vx in Feb 2000 as a birthday present, wow leaps and bounds better in technology. Still I carried it around, had some games on it and my address book. Then in November 2001 my business had it’s first significant client, and with the money from that project I got a Palm M505. Woohoo I had finally entered into the world of color. […]

Geocaching with the Palm M505

This past week I’ve gotten some goodies for my Palm M505. I bought a Magellan GPS Companion for it, along with the Palm Modem, you’ve got to love eBay. Both items work great, so now when I’m on the road, I can still get internet. The GPS has enabled me to take part in a really fun game called Geocaching. I encourage you to check it out. I added some pictures to the Gallery of my first two cache finds. Also 2 weeks ago I hosted a CRV meet in Mystic, CT. It was a lot of fun and the weather held out nicely for us. I am very much looking forward to the leaves changing color and going away to do some lead peeping. Mmmm…..apple cider time of year.

Schaghticoke Road

I biked on this road on the 14th of August. I was so out of shape. Anytime there was a hill, or I had gone about 1000 feet on flat. I had to stop and drink water, and then also stretch my legs. I only made it past the big straight away. All tolled I did about 2.5 miles my first time biking down the road. Today, I biked 6.2 miles, did all the hills and didn’t have to stop, I plowed down straight aways, and got my heart going and was sweating quite a bit. I drank through my entire water bottle. I’m very happy that now 6 miles feels like a good workout but not over doing it. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect for biking. It was overcast and cool, with a nice breeze. We saw […]