AT&T MicroCell

We cancelled our land line in the beginning of May, bringing us to just using our cell phones. After reading a friend’s experience with the new AT&T MicroCell, we decided it was a good option for us. Even though we live close to the interstate and in a city area, we still have mediocre coverage inside our home.

The MicroCell is $149.00 as a single cost. It uses you’re existing minutes and hooks up to your internet connection which does not have to be an AT&T specific connection. We have Comcast and it’s hooked up via the cable modem. The setup does take about an hour for it to register and set up the MicroCell to be a tower in your home. It’s secured and only available to the numbers you program into it via the website. You can add up to 10 lines to be authorized. Only 4 can be on it at the same time though.

The Pros:

  • We now have 5 bars of service everywhere in our home, even in the basement two levels down and in the parking lot
  • We were able to fully get rid of a land line and save $80.00 a month

The Cons:

  • Recently I’ve had a call get dropped
  • We have a slight echo/delay on some calls
  • We’ve also recently had static / air noise on calls, the other user doesn’t hear it but we do

MicroCell Setup





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