Apple iPhone Dual Dock Problems

Craig invested in the Apple Bluetooth Headsets for our iPhones which came with the Apple Dual Dock. This dock has a USB cable coming directly from it to your computer and charges both your headset and your iPhone. Great, right?

All seemed to be well in our dual dock land, until about a week after getting them. For Craig using it with his iMac, it would actually cause kernel panics when he quit, it wouldn’t sync when he put his iPhone in it, and it would repeatedly tell him it was an accessory not designed for his iPhone.

I had been doing ok, but I also had not updated my iPhone to 1.1.1. Since updating to 1.1.1 I now have the same problems.

I searched around on the Apple Discussion boards and found several other people with the problem. The not so good news was, no one seemed to have resolved the issue and further more their attempts to contact Apple did not go well.

One user said the Apple support technician told him it was normal.I stopped writing here about an hour ago to search on MacRumor’s Forums too. Many people with the issue, but we all seem to be holding out for a software update.

Anyone else out there with this issue? Did you find a resolution?

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