Alternate Sources of Protein

A big issue for me going vegetarian or vegan, is I do not love beans. Granted I like Tofu, even though too much of that doesn’t really like me. Great, the story of my life. So I’m wondering about some alternative protein sources. My sister in law pointed me toward cannellini beans which I like a lot more than kidney beans. But outside of those I’m not sure. I do eat tofu on occasion, had some Tofu Pups the other night and I like Boca Burgers. But what else is out there?

Tonight’s dinner was quite yummy as I’ve rediscovered couscous.

New dinner concoction






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  1. Diane Avatar

    Chickpeas, lentils, nuts, quinoa are just a few items high in protein and have limitless recipe possibilities when combined with lots of colorful veggies, spices, and flavorful homemade vinagrettes or sauce. Try adding tofu or even grilled mushrooms such as portabella for a meaty addition. You could make a big pot of vegetarian chili and experiment with different beans (to find ones you like), and for a meaty addition make small falafel balls browned in a skillet, then added to your chili. Good luck! Oh, and have fun.

  2. criana Avatar

    Thanks Diane! I wanted to get Quinoa when I was at the grocery store last weekend but had trouble finding it. I can see the box in my head. I always forget about chickpeas.

    I have never tried portabella mushrooms. I've always heard when grilled they tasted just like steak.

    Thanks for all the suggestions! I really appreciate the input.

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