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While laying in bed last night, I was browsing around the app store and discovered the All Recipes iPhone app. I’ve been a fan of the website for quite a while. Their app is called DinnerSpinner, the concept is you spin the meal choice, then an ingredient choice and finally a preparation time choice. Ironically enough my day job has a client who wants to do something similar to this for their next website.

Here’s a sample view of the spinner. I’ve selected Appetizer, Cheese and Slow Cooker. You can also click a button that says, “Spin Categories”. That button is currently replaced by the “View Matches” button.




Summary and Directions


Nutritional Information




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I think All Recipes did a great job putting this app together, it’s simple, fun and doesn’t leave you looking to the website to finish what you started on the phone app.

Real World Application

I could see myself using this while in the kitchen planning meals, but also while on the go, and in need of getting creative with a meal to bring somewhere. Perfect for use in the grocery store, rather than having to sort through emails and papers.

The only feature I see missing is the ability to tie in to account logins on All Recipes and favorite a recipe.

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