Acadia Day 4

I went to bed last night really bummed about my camera, and some other things were bothering me. Woke up around midnight to pouring rain. But when we woke up at 8:00 it was a beautiful sunny day, and Craig made breakfast, you can see his cheery face below.

After breakfast we headed over to Hadlock Pond and decided to the do the loop trail there. Well part of the loop was under construction so we just did the ride by Hadlock Pond. Here’s a pic of Hadlock Pond and then a pic of Craig going over one of the carriage trail bridges.

When we got to the end of this Craig rode back and got the car and drove down and picked me up at the other parking location. My legs were killing me. I’m going to rest tomorrow and do some walking and hiking and then go back to biking.

We drove down to Northeast Harbor and got this cool shot here.

Then over to Jordan Pond to have lunch. We brought our own lunch of this very delicious wrap that had sundried tomato humus with sprouts, lettuce and tomato. It was really good. I took a nap while Craig did some reading. Here’s the view we had.

After this we drove over into Bar Harbor and just relaxed. Tonight we’re going to be cooking back at the camp site again and just resting our bones. Here is a pic of the incredible blue sky we got to enjoy all day. No humidity in the air, and some of the deepest blue sky i’ve seen in years.

Also, these photos are courtesy of my Sony Ericcson T616 cell phone. I have not gotten any calls with regards to my missing digital camera. I have a good feeling someone is enjoying my camera, and thinking they just got a great deal, and what a sucker I am. Oh well.






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