Acadia : Day 2 : Setup / Explore

Well last night sleeping in the car, wasn’t the most comfortable sleeping experience. Took many readjustments during the night to get comfortable. But this morning we woke up with the sun and headed into downtown Bar Harbor for some breakfast. On our way over to Bar Harbor, we came across these really cool spider webs all glistening in the sun. This is something my Mom thought would be really cool, and as luck may have it they were in between both ends of Betsy’s Road. Check out the pics.

Bar Harbor had no one here, unlike last night. We had a pick of many parking spots and we walked around. We got breakfast did a little window shopping. Checked out the dock. We found a local health food grocer so we can tofu and yummy foods 🙂

Bar Harbor
Bar Harbor

After hanging out in town for a while we headed back to our camp site and finally set up, now that everything was dry. Thank you Marty and Kathy for the tent and chairs and grille. We took a run out to Walmart and then hung out at the Opera House Internet Cafe sipping coffee and eating blueberry and cream cheese danishes 🙂

Our campsite

After the internet cafe, we headed back to camp, I showered (which cost $0.25). Then we went out to dinner and had the incredible Lobster feast at Poor Boy’s Gourmet. They’ve got this great lobster special, where you get a cup of lobster bisque, a boiled lobster, a side of veggies and a side of pasta or potato plus this great brownie a la mode dinner for $16.95. A couple sitting next to us from New Jersey had just gotten married on Saturday and drove up here for their honeymoon.

After we headed back and crashed for the night.






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