Acadia : Day 1 : Travel

Well we left around 6:30am. Packed the bikes in the pouring rain, packed the car in the pouring rain. We headed off, hoping we’d drive out of it. Instead the rain came down so hard in Waterbury, I couldn’t see, so I pulled off under an overpass and let Craig drive. We made pretty good time up to Kerry & Dave’s. We stopped there and had breakfast. Kerry was a gracious host, and served us lots of yummy food. We got the full tour of the new home, which is a really great house. We departed Kerry’s around 12:30 and headed onto Maine.

Kerry & Craig

We continued our drive, got stuck in two toll lines, not too long but a pain in the ass none the less. The rain never ended all the way up to Maine. Once we got past Portland the highway really cleared out and on the way to Bangor there was no one! We arrived in the camp site in the dark and rain. We folded down the seats and tried to get comfy and went to sleep in the CR-V.

The Main Wilderness





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