A Trip to Acadia

Thursday was the one day with a guaranteed window of sun. We decided to head down as a group to Acadia National Park and Bar Harbor. Our first stop was to Bar Harbor Bike Shop to rent Kerry a bike. My CR-V was fully loaded for the day, 2 kayaks and 3 bikes.


We headed over to Eagle Lake to ride the shore side and then up to Bubble Pond. There were signs and warnings of wash outs. For comparison, we’ve been coming here this same week of June for about 4-5 years now. Two years ago, the streams were so bone dry it looked like it hadn’t rained in many weeks. This year the gravel from the carriage trails was washed all through the woods. In one spot the water was rushing so loudly and going over the banks and through the trees. The trail for the most part was in good shape.


I was happy to be able to bike without stopping up the hill to the Bubbles. This had been a spot that I used to have to walk. Although when we crossed the road and started over a steep short incline for a bridge, my thighs were burning. We rode out to our usual spot and snapped some pics.

We rode back to the car, making a few more picture stops. I’d love to come back here someday and be able to just ride through 8-14 miles of trails in a day and consider that a good workout.

After our ride we headed up to the summit of Cadillac Mountain to eat our lunch. I got to see a sight I had never seen; fog rolling over the islands. We were above the clouds and looking down on the bay. I managed to get sunburned on my shoulders, but I don’t mind, it was so nice to see the sun for just a few minutes.



We tried to go to Hadlock Pond to bike and kayak but we weren’t sure if kayaks were allowed. The biking parking lot was full. So we headed back to Eagle Lake for kayaking and biking, but the waters were too choppy since the wind had picked up significantly. We headed up to Jordan Pond, the parking lots there were all full as well. I hadn’t seen Acadia this packed ever. Not sure if gas prices being lower got everyone out on the go again.

Kerry, Kathy and Marty took another bike ride along the Jordan Pond trails. Craig and I napped in the car.

The sun was really shining and we all commented on this is how summer should be. Not this rainy dreary constant gray we’ve been having.

We headed back to Bar Harbor to drop off Kerry’s bike rental and then grab a light dinner. We went to the Cottage Street Bakery and had delicious lobster raviolis. I made a stop at one store trying to get more gifts for people.

A quiet ride back to our place and we all slept very well.




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