A Special Valentine’s Day

A slightly delayed post.

Most years I end up forgetting about Valentine’s Day until about 2 days before and then scramble. It’s not that I don’t know it’s coming, I just keep thinking I have more time and keep putting it off. Also I’m usually fielding the requests of what to do for my birthday the day before.

This year, I actually had some time to think, what a novel concept. While down in New York City the week before for a client meeting, I walked by Radio City Music Hall. The board said, “Anita Baker – Feb 13 & 14″. I decided it would be crazy trying to get into the city on Friday the 13th and Craig had to work that day. So when I got back home I bought tickets for Valentine’s Day.

Craig has been a big Anita Baker fan for quite a while. Unbeknownst to me a lot longer than I had thought. I didn’t drop any hints, and just waited for Valentine’s Day. Ok, well that’s partially true, on the 13th, I asked Craig if we had any plans for Valentine’s Day, while we were at dinner celebrating my birthday. He said, “no didn’t have anything planned”. I said, “well I have plans for us, and your present is in New York City”. Now before everyone says, “damn you can’t keep a secret”, Craig is dealing with cervical dystonia for almost 2 years. It makes driving, walking, sitting difficult. So I wanted to make sure he was the most comfortable getting down there.

He started taking guesses. Going to see a live taping of a show? no… Going to see Janet Jackson? no sadly enough… and on he went, I kept smiling because he wasn’t close. Then he asked a question that got him much closer and then he blurted out, “Anita Baker?”. I couldn’t stop giggling and smiled. His facial expression was worth every bit, he was in shock! And very, very excited! Turns out Anita Baker’s Rapture album was the first CD he bought and he played it over and over.

We drove down to the city. It was a nice uneventful ride in, drove right down Broadway and to Radio City Music Hall. The interior of the hall is beautiful! We were pretty high up but dead center. Comedy Central’s James Smith came on first and kept the crowd laughing solid for 20 minutes. Then Anita Baker came on, she was wonderful, funny, humble and incredibly strong voice. Special guests were Tyrese Gibson who she knew from when he used to sing before acting. Then the big surprise for the evening was Mary J. Blige in the front row, who came up at the end to duet with her the song Angel.

It was a good night all around. We took our time getting out of the city and rolled in around 3am, some how still quite awake. It will be one of the best Valentine’s I can remember. Craig was incredibly happy.

Lady in Red

Mary J Blige and Anita Baker






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