A New Way to Grocery Shop

Our local Stop & Shop has now become part of the ScanIt program. What this means is that you can enter the store, get a special cart and a scan tool. You should bring your own bags, and there’s hooks on the side of the cart to keep them open, and then you go around the store and scan your items in.

It’s definitely hoping for an honor system of the user, which they make you sign a waiver to allow an audit of your grocery cart at any time. I’m fine with that, stealing groceries is not how I’m going to jail, if that day were to ever come.

Using the system kind of reminded me of walking around Macy’s scanning items for our wedding registry way back when.

There are several pluses to doing it this way. You get a running tally of your cost. You are alerted of specials through the store. You can remove items if it seems too expensive. Your already bagged and ready to go when you get to the counter.

When your all done you go up to a register, scan a bar code above the register and pay. Your done and ready to go. I liked it and could see us using it in conjunction with scheduled Peapod deliveries.







2 responses to “A New Way to Grocery Shop”

  1. Angel Martinez Avatar

    This is pretty cool, I may have to try it one of these days. Where do you get the cart, a special place?

  2. Diana Avatar

    Actually right now, they have people manned at the doors who pull the right cart out for you. It just has a holder for the scan device. Then the person gives you a quick over view of how it works. I’d recommend it.

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