2014: A Year of Hard Work

2013 could be easily defined with chaos that led to change. It could also have been defined as taking great leaps of faith, settling into hard work, which we then continued in 2014.

2014 was right up until the very last day, the slow payoffs for the hard work we’ve been doing.

Craig took his health by the reigns and changed his future. He lost 42 lbs, ran 5 kilometers 3 times a week, and worked with the right practitioners to help balance his spine and body again. He also dove back into his music, his love. For Christmas he presented me one of his albums completed. He hasn’t had a completed album since 1999.

I took my career by the reigns. I was promoted to manager at the end of 2013, but it was 2014 that I ended up with 3 employees reporting to me. I’m sure I haven’t been perfect, but I hope they realize I try, and above all, care that they have career growth and opportunities. But I also feel what is a manager in technology if they don’t know how any of the technology works. I dedicated just about every waking hour to challenging myself with projects and continuing to learn.  It also led to me getting in touch with a fellow techie and former classmate to launch danbury.io, a local meet up for developers and others who work in the interwebs.

We had a lot of stress through out the year, wondering if we were making the right decisions, but we held to our vision of what we wanted. The year wound down with us moving back to the woods, happily away from the world and into a home that inspires us everyday we are here. It has allowed us to start new creative, collaborative projects and dream big.

It’s all been worth it. We see 2015 as the year to keep pedaling and keep the momentum going of everything we’ve fought for through 2013 and 2014.






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