2013: A Belated Year In Review

2013 can be summed up for us in one word: Change.

I intended to write a summary of what was possibly one of our craziest years to date back in December. I had the silly notion that 2014 would be a slightly slower pace than it’s predecessor. As I write this now at the end of April going into May, that has not been the case.

2013 will go down in the record books for me and Craig. We were finally settled, with good routines in place at our home in Sherman, until a freak violent thunderstorm came through on January 31st at 3:00am  One of the large pine trees in the yard, that should have been taken down, came through the house. We are very grateful for its location as 4-6 feet to the right and I wouldn’t be writing this post.

Neither of us fully grasped just how much that event was going to spiral off the rest of the year. In a 48 hour period we had to make decisions that would effect many months ahead. The majority of our life is in storage, in two climate controlled PODS, and will be there until this September. We took it as an opportunity to down size, focus on our health and our business. All of which we have accomplished.

Are we finished? No, still plenty of work to be done, but the ball has more momentum than it’s ever had before.

2013 brought about getting our business established again and current. It also saw the CR-V needing extensive repairs and the time to pass it on to a family who wouldn’t have such high demands on it. We welcomed an RDX into the car family in its place, a car I had wanted for many years.

On the heels of getting a new car, came the expected but unexpected loss of getting to work with my close friend everyday. It was a good change for all, and fueled the need for further change in that department.

Come summer, we were in Maine, twice, visiting with family and friends for some of the more relaxing moments of the year.

Wrapping up the year, I attended WordCamp Boston which was very educational and I got to share my favorite city with my friend. It also saw me getting an incredible opportunity to speak on WNPR about women in the field of code.

Concluding the year, it was also a year of 1 and 3’s. The tree went through the house on the 31st, it was our 13th year of marriage and we moved into apartment #13.





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