Amazing! Found this via as Jason said the build up is a bit long and the blow your mind crazy maneuvers begin at 3:00.

Restoring Headlights

I’ve been following the emergence of restorative headlight products. I had debated about going through a shop and having them do it, but currently my funds are a bit tight. Meguiars has a kit, as does Turtle Wax and RainX. I opted to go with RainX’s product. It comes with a bottle of lubricant, 3 different sanding pads, a polishing cream, a sealant and microfiber towel. The driver side headlight of the CR-V was quite foggy. The passenger not as bad. After one application I was able to get the passenger side restored quite nicely. The driver side required a second treatment. It does buff the plastic down to a very smooth surface again. I’m curious to see how long it lasts and if I’ll need to do this again after the winter season. The part I liked the most […]