Upgrading to iOS 4.0.1 not by choice

No sooner than I post about downgrading to iPhone OS 3.1.3 from iOS 4, did I start having problems with my iPhone. I had a good week with no issues, a speedy phone and life was great. Then last weekend my iPhone stopped waking up. I have it in a dock each night while I sleep on my night stand. In the morning I turned on the phone, but got the black screen and the silver/white apple logo. I figured ok strange, guess it had a hiccup. I waited and made the doc was indeed getting power. It stayed on that screen for a minute and then went black. I tried a full reset holding down the power and home button, still would not go past the Apple logo. Into the office I went and opted to restore. Of course […]

Downgrading to iPhone OS 3.1.3

When I first watched the keynote a few months back about the iOS 4, I was very excited about all of the possibilities. Then at the end of the keynote I was a bit depressed to learn my 3G iPhone won’t be able to handle most of the new features. When the release came out I upgraded looking forward to the features I would be able to use. At first it seemed to be working well. Then as the days went on I noticed it got slower and buggier. Craig pointed me to a post that said to reset it 3 times in a row, so I tried that. Slight improvement but only temporarily. I even tried reinstalling iOS 4, and still the issues persisted. This was the first time in owning an iPhone that I wanted to throw it […]