I snapped this photo quickly with my Canon SD550 to show my sister in law how the portrait mode worked. When I downloaded it from the camera I loved how it came out. I started tweaking it by shifting it to black and white. Then Craig and I thought, “this would make a perfect album cover”. I used a gothic font, added some textures, reversed the y and then added a Photo Edges border to the image. My favorite part of the image is the detail in her sun glasses.

The Great Mail Debate

I’m toying with the idea of forwarding my .Mac/.Me email account to my GMail account. The reason being is I’m getting a lot more email into the .Mac account it’s getting kind of hard to keep up with it via Mail. I’ve got a good system of organization but I’m duplicating between my GMail account and the .Mac account. It seems crazy when the content coming in overlaps so much. The other reason behind the move is, I’m really not impressed with the MobileMe website. It never fails, I delete things over there and it doesn’t move it. Also I find their website very slow, no matter what browser I’m using. My third reason is I’m not as tethered/addicted to getting my emails instantly. I love the .Me push IMAP, but really I don’t have anything coming in that a […]