The Barry Gibb Talk Show

This weekend Justin Timberlake returned to Saturday Night Live for his 3rd time hosting. As usual the skits were incredibly funny and talented. The Barry Gibb Talk Show skit is absolutely hilarious and he teams up with Jimmy Fallon.

Sunset at Topsmead

Last weekend Craig and I picked up sandwiches and headed up to Topsmead State Park for a walk and to enjoy the sunset. The last time we were up there, I drove my car through a good foot+ of mud and there was snow/ice mounds. Now the grass a luscious green, the plantings haven’t come in yet, but the trees were in full green leaves. We explored a section of the park we hadn’t been to. I can’t wait to go back with my bike, and ride this never ending road. There is a beautiful stone wall that runs the length of this road on either side. I loved the old trees. We headed back to the main house to enjoy the sunset from the back porch. There were people playing frisbee and families enjoying the grounds. As the sun […]