Month: April 2009

  • Photo Shoot: Harkness Memorial Park

    Several weeks back my photography friend’s, Shanna and Kelly, decided it had been too long since our last photography field class. Sadly enough, Shanna couldn’t make it today, but Kelly and I headed over to Harkness Memorial State Park to shoot photos. I went to college on this side of the state and discovered this…

  • Spring has sprung

    It was wonderful to see color this past weekend. The grass is starting to go from shades of pale green and brown to lush green. The trees are still bare but I can’t wait for the buds to start coming.

  • In Line

    I saw these line of trees and felt they needed to be in a photo. If I had my tripod I would have gotten in the shot too, but it was fun with my family lining up down the row.

  • Happy Easter

    Happy Easter to all who celebrate. Craig and I went to a family brunch a few towns over. It was nice to catch up with them and I was able to hand out the copies of a black and white photo I printed in January of Craig’s cousin and her newborn. After brunch, we headed…

  • Support the Librarians in your life

    National Library Week is April 12-18, 2009, which ironically is Spring break for most schools. Becoming a librarian takes quite a bit of schooling. To work in most public libraries and private jobs you’ll need to have earned a Masters in Library Science. To work as a School Library Media Specialist, a person needs their…

  • Piggybacking Ideas – Ok?

    I’m not sure what the internet etiquette is for piggybacking on ideas. Sometimes I feel like I’ve lived two lives, and when I read someone’s post it triggers that memory and then I want to share it. But I don’t want to seem like I’m always just saying, “oh yah I’ve done that too”. Even…

  • Healthy Bytes

    I can’t remember exactly when I discovered Colin Devroe’s The Diet page, but at one point I joined and after sharing my progress with my friends, they wanted to join in too, but didn’t want to use their regular blogs. I decided to create our own site to log our progress, keep up motivation and…

  • DiggBar

    DiggBar from Kevin Rose on Vimeo. I’m already using Digg a lot more.