A New Way to Grocery Shop

Our local Stop & Shop has now become part of the ScanIt program. What this means is that you can enter the store, get a special cart and a scan tool. You should bring your own bags, and there’s hooks on the side of the cart to keep them open, and then you go around the store and scan your items in. It’s definitely hoping for an honor system of the user, which they make you sign a waiver to allow an audit of your grocery cart at any time. I’m fine with that, stealing groceries is not how I’m going to jail, if that day were to ever come. Using the system kind of reminded me of walking around Macy’s scanning items for our wedding registry way back when. There are several pluses to doing it this way. You […]

Inspired to Cook

I haven’t been the first person to get excited about working in the kitchen. In the past I have not been very adventurous. A client of mine though has made two delicious meals from scratch and my mother in law makes these incredible meals all after a day of work. They’ve inspired me. The other night I made meatballs from scratch. We had ground turkey, we did not have bread crumbs, so I used the magic bullet we have to crumble oyster crackers. They came out delicious. Tonight I decided to do something different with our kielbasa. I bought red and green peppers, a sweet onion and some French bread. I sauted everything in a large frying pan. It too came out really good and pretty healthy. I’m hoping to do more cooking and start thinking outside the box .

2009 Tanglewood Season

We just got the 2009 Season brochure from the Tanglewood Music Center. Last year we never made it up, but the year prior we spent quite a bit of time up there. If you live in the area, I highly recommend getting tickets and spending the day or weekend up there. Tangelwood is the summer home for the Boston Symphony Orchestra and some main stream artists as well. This year this is what we’re looking forward to: July 4th – Diana Krall July 21st – Tony Bennett August 7th – Chris Botti and the Boston Pops Orchestra August 28th – James Taylor with Sheryl Crow and Yo-Yo Ma The grounds at Tanglewood are incredibly relaxing and allow for strolls while hearing music playing all around you. I’ve never seen a more well behaved crowd of people.

Hide and Seek

Found Melody hidden under the bedcovers the other day. I’m not sure if she realized she was fully hidden since I could see her paw and tail. I came around to the other side to see her peeking out from underneath. She’s something special.

A Special Valentine’s Day

A slightly delayed post. Most years I end up forgetting about Valentine’s Day until about 2 days before and then scramble. It’s not that I don’t know it’s coming, I just keep thinking I have more time and keep putting it off. Also I’m usually fielding the requests of what to do for my birthday the day before. This year, I actually had some time to think, what a novel concept. While down in New York City the week before for a client meeting, I walked by Radio City Music Hall. The board said, “Anita Baker – Feb 13 & 14″. I decided it would be crazy trying to get into the city on Friday the 13th and Craig had to work that day. So when I got back home I bought tickets for Valentine’s Day. Craig has been a […]