2009 Recap – 2010 Goals

2009 Recap:

  • Turned 30
  • Been on unemployment/shared work program for 13 months
  • Fought back depression
  • Vacationed in Maine in monsoon season
  • Vacated in New Hampshire in intense humidity
  • Biked the Lincoln Woods Trail (a highlight for the year)
  • Finally bought a TV
  • Established some new friendships, that I hope will last a while
  • Partnered with new people for projects

2010 Goals:

  1. Drink water (I just don’t drink anything currently)
  2. Eat vegetarian / vegan 4 days a week
  3. Bicycle (a lot more)
  4. Shoot more photograhy both B&W film and digital
  5. Have a gallery showing/or participate in an art show by end of year
  6. Drink more tea and less coffee
  7. Read 8 books this year
  8. Bring in 3 clients in the first half of 2010
  9. Schedule alone/creative time each week
  10. Cook (and use more herbs and spices)

What are your goals for the new year?