Pigeon Point Lighthouse

Pigeon Point Lighthouse, originally uploaded by PhotoBud. This photo is absolutely amazing. I saw this featured on the Flickr blog. “Every year at the Pigeon Point Lighthouse along the San Mateo County, California coast, they light up the old Fresnel lens in a special celebration. And of course, Flickr members were there Saturday night to capture the event.” – from the Flickr Blog

Flashback Tuesday 1982

Flashback Tuesday 1982, originally uploaded by criana. Family get together I think over in Rhode Island, where my Aunt and Uncle lived for a short time. My Mom is holding me and my Dad is to the right.


so bad, it made me laugh: stackthememory.com. Have to agree with Tina, this was so bad it’s funny. Office Space certainly has inspired lots of people. (Via swissmiss.)