Barack is Mac, and Pac?

Barack is Mac, and Pac? Apparently, America’s president-elect is a Mac user, a Pac Man fan, and likes sticking stickers on one’s laptop. I really dig the pac-man eating the Apple logo. Is that a Speck clear MacBook cover? Commenters: let the Apple/Obama fanboy flamewars fly! Incidentally, he also uses a Crackberry. And Biden is evidently a fellow Mac user, at least on the road. And as long as we’re on the subject: I met Al Gore briefly last week, and he was packin’ an iPhone. Although, I was so star-struck at the moment, I may have hallucinated that part along with the swarms of solar-powered United Nations black helicopters. DISCUSS. POTUS uses a Mac (, via friends list) Update: Rob Beschizza at Boing Boing Gadgets tackled this burning! hot! politechnical news! earlier today. (Via Boing Boing.) For those who […]

A small audience at the Lincoln Memorial

A small audience at the Lincoln Memorial: “ When it looked as though Obama was going to win the election, former photojournalist Matt Mendelsohn went to the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC expecting to find a huge crowd of celebrants. I’d spent most of election night in front of the TV in Arlington, Va. But around 11 p.m. I couldn’t sit idle any longer, which is why I sped to the memorial. When I arrived, I found a TV crew sitting on the plaza above the Reflecting Pool, waiting, I assumed, for a mob to arrive. I approached with cameras in hand. One of them looked up and said with a slight roll of his eyes, ‘Nothing to see here.’ Instead he found a small group of people listening to Obama’s acceptance speech on a transistor radio and shot this […]

Horses at Work and Play

I love The Big Picture blog over at and recently they had “Horses at Work and Play“. I rode horses when I was younger and miss it to this day, it’s one of my goals, to get back to riding.