My Day, Yesterday

My Day, Yesterday Originally uploaded by criana This was a lot of fun to do. I started with 15m 15s total, it was hard to get down to 90s. I thought my hair dryer broke but it was just the outlets in the bathroom. I had a doctor’s visit mid-morning and then my Mom came by later in the evening to get help with her PowerBook. If you want to try doing one yourself, shoot video throughout a day in your life, then put it together and upload it the next day. Don’t add any music or sound effects, just use what the camera recorded. Then upload it to the My Day Yesterday pool on Flickr.

Flashback Tuesday (on Wednesday)

I was going through my photos trying to find one for Flashback Tuesday on Flickr. I don’t think I had shared this one before. I was 14 here and eaten alive by mosquitos, this was the end of 2 weeks on Outward Bound via their Hurricane Island School in Maine. My middle school years were not the best, and my parents at the recommendation of a counselor they had sent me to see, signed me up and sent me off that summer to Outward Bound. I figured I could hack it. I’d be stuck in a co-ed group of 10 other teenagers, all the same age. We were from all over the country and had never met before. Reflecting now on the experience, it changed my life, how I saw myself, respected myself and what was really important in life. […]

Ampersand Pumpkin

Ampersand Pumpkin, originally uploaded by criana. When ever we get around to carving a real pumpkin again, I’m so doing this.

The colors have come and gone

I typically host a fall foliage tour every year, I’ve been doing this since 2002. I love the fall season and I enjoy showing people around the New England area. This year got quite hectic and then couple it with bad fall allergies, I ended up resting and sneezing during October. Last years tour we had great color and several covered bridges of Vermont. I’m always amazed too by the generosity of establishments. We’re usually a group of 16 people minimally showing up looking for a meal and to hopefully sit together. Here’s a few snap shots from that trip.

Muji Chronotebook

MUJI chronotebook 1, originally uploaded by ? China ? guccio. Simple, elegant and to the point. Each page of the has an illustration of an analog clock in the middle of the page. On the left facing page it’s AM and on the right facing page it’s PM. Each day you can shade or draw lines off of the time slot. The blank page leaves you open to draw an image, make notes as large as you need and constrained to ruled lines. I love it. Great write up here and more photos here

Creating Soft Light

[vimeo][/vimeo] Found this via MostlyLisa’s site. I’ve been toying with the idea of buying a strobe and umbrella, along with a diffuser. Last weekend I saw a photographer and assistant up at Topsmead using I think a reflector working with kids. I found this video to be really helpful in explaining how to use a diffuser and reflector to get the best results.