Honda CR-V Ice Day

This is awesome! I so want to go do that. We’ve done some spins and I’ve gone out on my own and gotten the snow flying. I really should move to some much more northern country, I love to go play in the snow in the car and just myself.

Thoughts on Simplicity

Simplicity does not mean getting rid of your possessions, but rather integrating them into your life’s purpose. From a talk given Mary Gregory as remembered by Emily Sander, 2000 from the book Plain Living by Catherine Whitmire I picked up the book Plain Living this weekend while at Friends Meeting. I had accidentally picked it up several years ago not realizing it was someone’s personal copy. In between Craig and I had read, Choosing Simplicity by Linda Breen-Pierce. Picking up this book for a second time I’m really enjoying it and the many quotes within it.

Story of a Moon and a red laser

On Friday night I left my computer training session across town and headed home. I got off the exit and turned onto one of the roads before getting to our road, on the way I saw the moon. It was amazing and very large. I drove up to our place, rushed upstairs, grabbed the camera bag and tripod. I drove back down to an empty parking lot, but I wasn’t getting the same vantage point. So I drove back to the end of the road by the exit, did a u-turn and decided to stop at the best place for safety and getting the right vantage point. I found my spot. A medical building with a well lit empty parking lot. I pulled in and pulled back down the driveway to the end by the road. I put my lights […]