Filled up for $2.34 a gallon

Filled up for $2.34 a gallon, originally uploaded by criana. This is because over the summer Stop & Shop ran a special where you earned points each time you grocery shopped. The you could go to one of their gas stations and the points took off the price per gallon. I had earned a whole bunch, so instead of 3.79/gal for 87. I paid 2.34/ gal. Wish it was going to last longer.

Things I Learned From Knitting

What I Learned From Knitting by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee My review rating: 5 of 5 starsAnother wonderful book from Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. Wonderful tid-bits about knitting, some that make you laugh, others make you contemplate and others you just relate to. If your a knitter, it’s worth picking up a copy and reading. I love the small format of the book as well. View all my reviews.

Good Morning Cadillac

Good Morning Cadillac, originally uploaded by criana. This is a panoramic I took back in June. While cleaning up files in my Inbox folder on my computer I realized I hadn’t posted this yet. One of my photography goals is to get better at taking panoramics and stitching them together.

Yarn Storage

A few months ago, I took advantage of the local yarn store’s closing sale. When I got home with my bounty of yarn, I stuffed a few of balls of yarn into a plastic storage bin in my office. Problem was, the bin wasn’t big enough for all of it. This weekend we did a major cleaning and overhaul of my office. I finally made it through several boxes that had been stalking me for years. When we were done, I turned around to see the coffee table empty inside and the lightbulb went off to put the yarn in there. It all fit, looks wonderful and when I want some, all I have to do is grab a suction cup, pull up the glass and take out the one piece.


Enveloping, originally uploaded by criana. The storms were rolling in but the high white puffy clouds were still visible it was quite a day for clouds.