The Survey For People Who Make Websites

In March 2006 I attended An Event Apart in Boston. I loved attending the conference and came away inspired and excited about my profession again. Following the event, the wonderful people at A List Apart created a survey. A survey that was much needed for the field. This year they’ve done it again. If you work in the web field, please take a moment to fill it out.    

Flashback Tuesday

Flashback Tuesday, originally uploaded by criana. I still sit in chairs like this and there’s usually a cat on my lap. This was my cat Smokey and my awesome pajamas. Do you have childhood photos sitting in boxes or even on your computer? Share them on the Flashback Tuesday photo pool.

A Family Tradition – Evening Music

When I was growing up (right until my Dad passed away) on evenings when there was nothing he wanted to watch on TV, he’d pull out a CD or record. We’d sit on the couch and just listen to the music fill the house. The music choices for the evening fell into 3 categories; classical, electronic/new age and old country or bluegrass. Craig and I have decided to re-start this tradition. We imported all of my Dad’s new age collection along with most of the classical. Instead of watching TV until the wee hours, we’re relaxing to this wonderful music and reading. Tonight’s playlist includes (each artist linked to their profile on Tangerine Dream Penguin Cafe Orchestra Yanni Jean-Michel Jarre Adrian Legg Kitaro Vangelis Rob Whitesides-Woo

Schott’s Original Miscellany

Schott’s Original Miscellany by Ben Schott My review rating: 5 of 5 starsI purchased this book after seeing it sitting by the printers at my last job. It’s a book of what it says, “Miscellany”. I think everyone should have a copy of it. Great facts and tidbits within it. I had the computer close by to look up topics that I wanted to know more about. For the graphic designers out there, it’s a wonderfully typeset book which the author did himself. I hope he comes out with an updated version in a few years. View all my reviews.

Mars Edit 2.2

I just got finished reading on the TUAW about Mars Edit 2.2. I have yet to settle on a desktop blogging application but have been leaning towards Mars Edit for a while now. What most excited me was the mention of a mobile version of MarsEdit. Mobile fans take note — Daniel is working on an iPhone version of MarsEdit, and it will be released as soon as he is satisfied with the quality of the final product.

Birds at Night

I tried to get as close as possible to the great blue heron, but it was quite late in the evening and the sun had set. The picture is quite grainy.