Sunday Evening Research

Screengrab Sunday #4, originally uploaded by criana. Still researching a GTD app that would work with the iPhone. I bought OmniFocus just before it went to full version, and I really like it, sometimes I don’t think I use nearly half it’s features. But at the same time, I’ve tried iGTD, Things, RTM, Midnight Inbox… none of which I really find second nature. Problem is many times I’m without internet so I was looking for something offline for the iPhone. But would sync up… I know… just have to wait for June. In the meantime I’m going to use OmniFocus and check out Vitalist which a friend recommended.

Rebellious Youth

Rebellious Youth, originally uploaded by Roger B.. Roger B. posted this photo and it’s just too cute to not share! Great photo Roger!

WLTV: A Recap

If your unfamiliar with WLTV and want to get an idea of what it’s about, check out this awesome collage of one hundred episodes. If your not hooked, laughing and wanting to learn more, you might want to check your pulse 🙂

NY International Auto Show

Two Friday’s ago Craig, Kelly and I went down to New York City for the opening day of the New York International Auto Show. Craig and I have been several times over the past 14 years. This year we planned to look at the hybrid and alternative fuel options on the market, prototypes and future concepts. The biggest change that struck me was the lack of “extras” this year. Minimal print advertising to walk away with, minimal schwag to promote the brands. Everything was focused on the cars, the booth, displays showing their new technologies. We had a good time, went in with a clear focus and didn’t lose a whole day strolling around the Javits Center. A note on parking, it’s gone up. It’s usually $40.00 at the lots around it, this time it was $50.00. Created with Admarket’s […]

Scarf: Double Moss Stitch

I’ve been working on this scarf for a while. Well I should better put when I pick up my knitting every few months I do a few more rows of this. I finally loosened my insane grip on the stitches and now can knit faster. Because of that the stitch is becoming apparent. I’m going to keep going until I get to the end of the ball of yarn. It’s going to be a long narrow scarf.