We’ve been wanting to garden for a few years now, but we’ve been living in apartments. Over the summer, a friend let us borrow her Aero Garden. She has a very sustainable outdoor vegetable garden, and she had gotten this as a winter hold over. Craig got us one for Christmas this year, so we could grow our own salad greens. It’s in our kitchen, on the pantry rack next to the cook books. It’s basically self sustaining. All you have to do is add the water, it turns the light on and off, and will let you know when to add nutrients. The lettuce takes 3-4 weeks to grow to full size, and from that point on you can harvest it for up to 4 months. This is after a week and a half. We’re looking forward to being […]

Weigh In: January

As a quick check-in. I was a bit worried with my back being out, basically not exercising, being horizontal and my stomach a wreck from medicine, that I might end up putting a few pounds on. Gratefully it’s been the reverse! Post-Christmas I was at 216lbs. Weighed in this morning at, 211.5lbs. Since being home and eating lighter, my stomach has gotten a bit smaller and I’m definitely watching what I eat. So gonna keep this downward trend going. I’ve been craving fruits, veggies and water. Woohoo! Onto the week, and hopefully back to exercising after I see the orthopedist for an update.

Body Shop at Home Party

Saturday my super cool sister in law came down and presented at our house, a Body Shop at Home party. Kelly and I were the hosts. We decided to do the “Spa Day” theme, which means basically, we get to soak our feet, try on body butters, lotions, a little make up and chill out and relax. It was much needed after recovering from this whole back issue. I was worried my back wouldn’t be in good enough shape to participate but I was pretty mobile. We had a lot of great laughs, played around with products and ate some delicious food. As host I was able to clean up on quite a bit of products, so when it all comes in I’ll take a pic. Anyone who knows me, knows I’m not a real “girlie-girl” but this stuff is […]

Commuting: Pale Sunrise

Pale Sunrise, originally uploaded by criana. Have I mentioned lately how much I’ll miss this commute when my employer moves south two towns and I’ll be back to using the interstate. I took this a few weeks ago while driving in, it was so beautiful and peaceful, I had to pull down the road and take a photo. Could have sat there for quite a while longer.

Where I’ve Been or My Painful Back

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted. By the way, Happy New Years everyone. Post Christmas, I took off the 28th of December through January 1st. Woohoo! 5 days off. On Day #2 I bent down to pick up a very heavy grocery bag and twisted to put it in the cart and herniated a disk in my back. I freaked out, because I’ve had this happen before and know what it entails. I managed to get to the car and assess whether or not I could drive home. I made it home went inside and laid down on the floor. 5 days I spent horizontal. I probably would have went to a doctor on Monday, but I figured with the holiday the next day, just getting some well needed rest would do the job.