Foamee Offers Coffee

Foamee Offers Coffee, originally uploaded by criana. Very excited to be able to offer coffees via Foamee. Most of my friends and I drink more coffee than beer so this is great!

A History of Weight

As most know, I need to lose weight and have been intermittently working on it for a while. I’ve recently started working with a nutritionist. Craig is seeing an integrative medicine doctor, who has prescribed a gluten-free diet for a month to clear his system. I’ve also been following James‘ progress over FIT, it helps keep me motivated. I also saw my OBGYN two weeks ago. I asked her about Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, since there are quite a few of the symptoms I’ve had over my life. Some of the symptoms have gone away while others are minor in my life still. If I do have PCOS, it could explain a lot, and could also cause problems when we try to have children. I need to go have a simple blood test done to find out, which I have the […]

Winter Walk in Steep Rock

The road less traveled, originally uploaded by criana. We took our second annual winter walk in Steep Rock park this past Saturday morning. We’re enjoying making this a tradition, after the walk we go to GW Tavern and have brunch, while warming up by the fireplace. We had a special treat of a fresh blanket of snow on the ground. To view more photos, visit Flickr