H2O Quotient

I can remember back as far as 4th grade and my Mom saying, “did you drink anything today?” when I’d get home from school, and I’d answer “no just the box of milk”. Getting water in has always been a challenge for me. I do better when it’s ice cold and preferably some lemon or lime in it. Over at James’ FIT blog, I was reading how much water he was taking in 112 oz a day. Meanwhile if I get 16 oz in a day, that’s a good day. He suggested 8 x 8 oz glasses of water a day plus another 8 oz per 20 lbs over weight. Doing the math that comes out to 104 oz a day for me. I need to get working. I’ve read this before, specifically on a bike forum, and I’ve also […]

Working It, First Trip to the Gym

Tonight was my first time going to the gym and working out with a trainer. I set a time of 7:30 to go, guaranteeing work could not throw it off, or any other unforeseen events. I met with my trainer, we went over why I want to lose weight, what are my goals, how seriously am I taking this. It was good. We then went and used the elliptical trainer for 15 minutes. I’ve never used one before… wow that kicks your butt and gets the heart rate up and moving pretty quick. At that point my HR was up 150-157 bpm. We then moved onto taking a jog around the track, and then onto lunges on the mats. I did pretty well, except my knees were bothering me with lunges, they always have. Next we did squats with the […]

Morning Person

I’ve been half-heartedly trying to be a morning person for a while. Craig wakes up with no issues at 5am. I on the other hand would rather sleep to 10am. I do best when a beam of sunlight is coming in a window on to my face and voila, I’m awake and feel great. Our bedroom though is dark, has one window, a slider, that opens up to the parking lot below. We don’t leave the drapes open since I don’t want to slide out of bed and say hello the entire neighborhood. When we’ve gone camping in the past, I’m up and at it, around 4:30-5:00 am, I usually feel good after a few minutes, I typically deal with stress better through out the day. I feel well rested in the evening and I sleep very sound.  So I’m […]

Only Half the Truth

This does not surprise me. The White House censored it’s own Centers for Disease Control and Prevention head person. What she presented to Congress was the findings of the effects of global warming on diseases and extinction. The White House struck 6 pages of her 12 page report that didn’t “align” with what a report from the United Nations. So let me get this straight… they bash the UN all the time for not doing enough, not seeing things right but now the UN has a report that is in their favor, so now they’ll back a UN report. Wasn’t it the UN who also said there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq? >British scientists, in a paper published this week, say that fossil >records show mass extinctions of species are linked to warming tropical >seas. And they […]

Joining a Gym

Tonight I am going to the local gym to look into membership. I’ve never really thought of myself as a gym person. My body frustrates me and gets in my way these days. Reasons for joining a gym: –My work hours can be irregular – Daylight is disappearing – Can’t make the excuse of the weather – Both treadmills at our apartment complex are broken for months now – No room for a home gym Goals: – Go at least 4 times a week at first – Bring work out clothes with me to work and go straight there after work Technorati Tags:Health, Gym

Apple iPhone Dual Dock Problems

Craig invested in the Apple Bluetooth Headsets for our iPhones which came with the Apple Dual Dock. This dock has a USB cable coming directly from it to your computer and charges both your headset and your iPhone. Great, right? All seemed to be well in our dual dock land, until about a week after getting them. For Craig using it with his iMac, it would actually cause kernel panics when he quit, it wouldn’t sync when he put his iPhone in it, and it would repeatedly tell him it was an accessory not designed for his iPhone. I had been doing ok, but I also had not updated my iPhone to 1.1.1. Since updating to 1.1.1 I now have the same problems. I searched around on the Apple Discussion boards and found several other people with the problem. The […]

Fall Foliage Tour 2007

Fall Foliage Tour 2007, originally uploaded by criana. I hosted the 6th annual Fall Foliage Tour 2007 for the HondaSUV.com this past weekend. We took a covered bridge tour of south eastern Vermont and finished off the day in Keene, NH for the Keene Pumpkin Festival.

Lineups for Literacy

I came across this post via Unstoppable Robot Ninja’s website the other day. It’s with regards to the 12 Items or less isles in the grocery store. When I first read it, I thought amen! Tonight I’m in the grocery store, I’ve got my 9 items in my hand basket, I go to the 12 items or less check out and there’s a woman checking out with not 12 items but an entire shopping cart. She’s throwing the items up on the belt as fast as she can and making sure all her coupons are getting scanned. Meanwhile there were a good 7 other check outs open plus the self check outs. I really wanted to snap a pic with my iPhone, but she seemed slightly crazed and I didn’t want her flipping out. But come on people? I really […]