I don’t get people, why are they self-centered and always on the defense. It seems like people are getting more and more snappy, impatient and rude. Today Craig and I were at the natural food store, let me preface the parking lot is a little tight. So Craig backs up, and we start towards the exit. A woman is walking towards us on our side. So he slows down and gives her some room. Coming in the parking lot is a small panel truck. By the way we were positioned he’d have to move over a bit on his right and we’d all be happy. But does this happen, no he yells out his window at us, “Move over you god-damn moron”. People are just so friendly. Then we come home to find a note on the windshield of my […]

Visitors come in pairs

These two visited my inlaws a few weeks ago with Mom and much smaller. Mom seems to be gone now, not sure if she moved on or something else happened. They’re very curious, which is probably not good. I hope no one does anything to them, i.e. shoot or hurt them. They stick together and watch each other’s back. But at one point when they felt comfortable with me hiding behind the car snapping pics they started walking towards me. I shooed them away, as much as I’d like to visit and pet, not a good thing to instill in them.


I’m not sure if it’s because I grew up in New England or my internal clock is off, but Autumn is the time of year I recount the year prior, reflect on what I’ve done, could have been done better, the times I take great joy in. It’s the beginning. For most it’s New Years Eve/Day that they set out new goals, or their birthdays, not me it’s the Fall season.As the leaves turn all around me, I get really excited. Every year is different, when I drive I try to keep an eye out for that one tree that really stands out. The changing of leaves is like mother nature’s present for me. I think back to wonderful memories of being in New Hampshire’s White Mountains during October. 

Weekend Update

Although not as funny as the one on SNL. We had a pretty busy weekend, what else is new. We helped out at Friends Meeting with supplies for the Underground Railroad Walking Tour on Saturday morning. Came back to meet up with our friend Ron at Sherwood Island State Park, but he ended up with car trouble so that was out. Then we thought, ok we will head up to the Apple store in Westfarms to check out the 24″ iMac and 30″ Apple Cinema Display. The store was packed. The new iPod Nanos were really amazing. If I was independently wealthy maybe I’d get one and an iPhone, but I’m holding out for an iPhone. We never were able to checking out the, ONE, 30″ Display because a store employee was teaching a woman how to use her MacBook […]

Toe-Up Socks at Panera

Kelly and I got together to knit at Panera. I had tried toe-up socks once before and I did not get how to do short-rowing. We decided to take the challenge together. We’re using Wendy Johnson’s toe-up sock instructions from Knitty. We both got soups and broke out the yarn. Had some hot drinks later on as the night got cold. We did make some progress, as usual I knit so tight my socks could pass for being water-proof, and Kelly knits quick and loosely, so she was almost done with her toe. We had a good time catching up and are determined to get this right by the other foot.