Wifi has got to be one of the best inventions of the 20th century or was it 21st century. I don’t know, but it’s great. I’m sitting at a Starbucks right now, reading the news, sipping my tall cafe mocha, and chatting with friends online. All wirelessly, granted Starbucks has picked my pocket to have this convenience, and then charge me some ridiculous price for a coffee, but hey it’s fun. I recently just got my GoMadic cable for my iQue so that now my iQue can get on the internet. With the rumors of some amazing products in the PDA market in the near future, I’m reluctant to buy the Enfora wifi case for the iQue, for two reason; a) price, if something new really is on the way from Garmin, I’ll save my money and just get a […]

Fall — My Favorite Season

I absolutely love the fall. I love the colors, I love that I get to wear sweaters again. I love going out to cooler weather and eating apples, and having cider. It’s perfect. Of course it’s all a precursor to Christmas and snow, which I love!! I was able to get some pics lately of the beautiful colors out and about around me.

Fall Foliage Tour 2004

The Fall Foliage Tour 2004 for the NEMC went off without a hitch, and we had the most number of cars yet!! 14. This may sound insignificant, but our typical numbers are 6-7 cars, and managing 14 cars was a work out. We truly lucked out with the weather, it was perfect. We met up at Tapajoz restaurant parking lot, then we headed on to Bulls Bridge, up through Schaghticoke Road, and onto Macedonia Brook State Park, then up to the West Woods of Sharon, then onto the Cornwall Covered Bridge, and back down to Kent Falls. We finally rested at Kent Falls State Park and picnicked. The park service seemed to amend their rules for the Columbus Day weekend, and they were out collecting fees. So they kindly enough made over 150.00 off us coming in. At that point […]

Apple back in the PDA market?

The rumors are flying. There is talk of Apple re-entering the PDA market, but just how is a mystery. Some say it will be through this new color iPod in the rumor mill, others say it will be a new device of it’s own. Will Apple revamp the iApps to be more powerful. Who knows, but I believe in the next few months there will be much more for us to all speculate about. I for one, would love a PDA that ran OS X and could place calls.

House Warming

A few weekends ago we journeyed up to Baldwinville, MA to join Kerry & Dave in their house warming party. And those lucky home owners also got to be the cooks. Well Dave manned the b-b-q and the Mom’s covered the other goodies. It was really nice to see the Testa’s again. It was fun to see Kerry & Dave’s place, and hear their ideas for what they are going to do with it. We also got to check out Dave’s new ride to work. Playing with Dr. Phibes was a highlight of the trip. On Sunday we took a hike with Marty, Kathy and Kerry. They are fortunate enough to live literally right next door to a state park in MA.