Life and Death

I was trying to figure out which category to put this under. It’s my thoughts on my health. It’s a long complicated story. So my health, specifically my weight and my bp. I was a healthy kid until I hit puberty, than that crap screwed with my body and I got chubby. Then over the years, I slowly gained like 5-10 lbs a year. And well that’s been going on for oh, like 9 years so you get the idea. The ol’ blood pressure, started being an issue during my senior year in HS. Granted I was like 40 lbs over weight at that point. I also had a lot of stress. Needless to say it fluctuated. Funny thing is, two weeks before my wedding, my bp was the best it’s been in years. You’d think I’d be a stressed […]

Night Riding

I stopped at my local bike shop (Class Cycles) on Thursday after work, and picked up some goodies. I got a floor pump, 2 spare tubes, patch kit, tire popping thingies, and a camelback siren pack. But I also got a headlight and a tailight. On Sunday we went riding at the Larkin Bridle Trail. Soon I will have photos again, once I get a new camera. It was a nice trail. We only got 3 miles into it, towards the 3 mile mark the path became a bit sandy, which is pretty hard to pedal through. I finally got to do some actually mountain biking, climbing up rocky paths and over rocks. It was a beautiful day and the ride was great. Tonight, I got home late from work but we went out riding anyways. it was great to […]


I believe commuting may very well be the death of me. Well let me state better, commuting on I-84. Between the idiot who cut me off at 80 mph, missing my bumper by about 1 foot, or the numerous accidents every week, and we can’t forget the “every-time there is a merge or an exit, ALL traffic must come to a stop”. Worst part is the CT DOT, doesn’t care about the stretch of 84 that I travel on, so we get no traffic cams, and unless something catastrophic happens we don’t even get on the news to let us know there is a problem with the stupid highway. I don’t think commuting is all bad, but in CT it sucks if you have to use 84 or Rt. 7.

Will Animate For

If you haven’t been to this website, go check it out. Adam Green is a very talented animator, and he also happens to have a great sense of humor. I stumbled across his site, while reading through posts on Mac Oddly enough I had just watched the Princess Bride for the first time in quite a while. Adam does what I could only dream of doing, animating and in 3-D. I seem to be good at my 2-D world 🙂 Craig and I spent a while taking in, and watched the opening video several times each time laughing out loud. I really hope Adam is able to get employment with an animation group. Good luck Adam!!!

You can never fault Apple on Design

Apple has released their new iMac G5. It is nothing short of stunning. It’s basically a laptop, on a stand, but designed so intuitively and efficiently. Apple truly marries form and function. If saving desk space is your thing, then this would be a great computer for you. Right down to have the power adapter built into the back, so only a cord comes out to plug in. Brilliant. Check out the new G5 when you get a chance.

Not only can he play serious jazz, but he’s funny

Tonight we went to see Harry Connick Jr. at Tanglewood Music Center. If your not familiar with Tanglewood check out their website. The concert began at 8:00, and we got there at 5:30. The place wasn’t really packed yet. The whole weekend was the Tanglewood Jazz Festival. We were expecting there to be the big screens Tangelwood always has out so those on the lawn could see still. NOPE no screens, which I’m thinking is courtesy of SONY Music. But anyways, Harry Connick Jr. came on, and the music was great. His Dad made a surprise appearance and sang with him. He also had this funny thing going with one of the security guards, who I guess looked an awful lot like one of the Alman Brothers, then he asked if he was with the Doobie Brothers. It was really […]


Two weeks ago, when I first got my new bike, we went out riding. I had to stop numerous times to catch my breath or let my legs heal, and also stretching. One week ago, I conquered some fairly large hills for me, and also had to stop and usually walk the bike up hills, between being out of breath and also my thighs feeling like one more push and they’d be permanent cinder blocks. By the end of week 2, I was cruising along pretty well, and had learned how to use my gears better for going up hills, along with finding a good pace for going up hills. Here I am at week 3. Craig went and measured a mile down the road from where we live. Tuesday we went out and rode down to that mile and […]