Month: August 2004

  • Acadia : Day 1 : Travel

    Acadia : Day 1 : Travel

    Well we left around 6:30am. Packed the bikes in the pouring rain, packed the car in the pouring rain. We headed off, hoping we’d drive out of it. Instead the rain came down so hard in Waterbury, I couldn’t see, so I pulled off under an overpass and let Craig drive. We made pretty good…

  • Out for a Spin

    Out for a Spin

    Well today, we took the bikes out for a ride. I didn’t think to bring along the camera for the ride, but I did get a pic of how the bikes are set up on the CRV. We headed up to South Kent and took a 5.5 mile ride down a road that runs along…

  • New Toys

    New Toys

    Woohooo!!! Got our new toys today!! I’ll post more tomorrow after we go out and play with them.

  • My Dad

    Today I want to take a moment to remember my Dad. He was born on May 5, 1936 and grew up in Connecticut. He loved cars and passed on that love of cars to me (along with my Mom – I didn’t forget you Mom). He also used create the most amazing gifts for me,…

  • Concepts

    These are some pics we took this weekend while in Central Park for Kreg’s new album.

  • Gadget Gurl

    Well I’ve never taken a photo of all my gadgets, so I finally did the other night. My 3 can’t live with outs are my PB15″, Sony Ericsson T616 BT cell phone and my Garmin iQue 3600. They all talk together, for the most part. The iQue talks to the mac but not the cell…

  • Olympics 2004

    Well I’ve fallen behind again on posting. The HondaSUV Olympics have come and gone. It was a great event hosted by the talented Varmint (aka Kyle). We had one more car than we had the previous Olympics. The events were a blast as always, and amazingly enough mother nature held out and gave us some…

  • Recommendations

    There is a website that I have been viewing for about 4 months now. I had been admiring it’s design, and when I when I switched my site to using iBlog, I grabbed the CSS from this designers website. Which I had planned to use a base to get acquainted with iBlog. But it ended…