Homeward Bound

Today we’re driving home and picking up two cats on the way home. My good friend Debbie is moving and her cats have no home while they are transitioning between homes. So we offered to watch her cats while they were getting into their new home. It was this or they would have to give up their cats which we thought shouldn’t have to happen.

Eagle Lake

Another day of waking up early. Craig needed to get some stuff emailed out, so we headed to the Opera House Internet Cafe so he could send this out. Then we headed back to Eagle Lake to do the ride again. I determined at that point that I should do riding every other day. Wednesday I had given my legs a rest and on Thursday I was able to do really well on the trails. But today, my legs were feeling it really early on. I decided not to give up, but to just listen to my body and take rests when it really really hurt, and keep stretching and drinking water. I am definitely going to get one of those camelback things, to be able to load up on water. I also want to take a moment to thank […]

Walked on Water and Flew with the Birds

I woke up really early today (6:20 am), which if you know me is very early for me. Instead of crawling back into the tent, I got up had breakfast, and then Craig and I headed off to Eagle Lake to bike the carriage trail there. Well our getting up early really paid off, we were the only ones out there really. We ran into a couple from Queens, they were hysterical. The lake was absolutely beautiful so early in the morning, the trail was perfect too. The trail was exactly what my legs were looking for, mostly flat with a few slight inclines. I learned more about biking and using the gears properly. I really plowed up some hills which I was really proud of myself for, since two days prior I walked up all hills. We made a […]

Acadia Day 5

Well today was a relax and heal the butt bones day. I made some calls this morning to the police department and the local sheriff to file an official report with them for my lost camera. Neither had heard anything about my camera. So, I started looking at the camera I want to get today. The Canon Digital Rebel G. It will be mine! hehehehe. Well it will but it’s going to be a little while. Today we had breakfast and sampled some of the fine blueberry products of Maine. Then headed up to Ellsworth to check out what the L.L. Bean outlet had for sale, and then off to Bangor to the Borders, which is the one of TWO wifi spots in ALL of Maine!!!! How insane is that! So we’ve occupied this spot in the Borders Cafe since […]

Acadia Day 4

I went to bed last night really bummed about my camera, and some other things were bothering me. Woke up around midnight to pouring rain. But when we woke up at 8:00 it was a beautiful sunny day, and Craig made breakfast, you can see his cheery face below. After breakfast we headed over to Hadlock Pond and decided to the do the loop trail there. Well part of the loop was under construction so we just did the ride by Hadlock Pond. Here’s a pic of Hadlock Pond and then a pic of Craig going over one of the carriage trail bridges. When we got to the end of this Craig rode back and got the car and drove down and picked me up at the other parking location. My legs were killing me. I’m going to rest tomorrow […]


Well I’ll be ending the photo journal of our trip now. I set the digital camera down at Bass Harbor Light House due to receiving a call from my boss at work. I completely forgot it, we then got in the car headed down the road. We realized it was gone at the next stop. We drove back and it was gone. I placed a call with National Park office here to please call me if someone brings it in. I wanted to get a new camera but this wasn’t how I’d planned it. Because now it’s going to be a while before I have a new camera.

Acadia : Day 3 : Witches Hole

Morning came pretty soon. Woke up around 7:30am. Actually Tiff woke me up when she sent an instant message to my cell phone. LOL. Only thing that sucks about camping is having to walk in the cold to the bathroom. But at least the bathrooms are clean and not too cold. We headed into town this morning and went to the organic grocer picked up some groceries and also had breakfast there. After there we headed into the park, got lost on the loop road, but made it back to where we wanted to go. We did the loop ride around Witches Hole. It was 3.4 miles with quite a few hills, nothing serious, but when your seriously out of shape, it all feels serious. LOL. The weather was incredible again today. Below are some pics from the ride.

Acadia : Day 2 : Setup / Explore

Well last night sleeping in the car, wasn’t the most comfortable sleeping experience. Took many readjustments during the night to get comfortable. But this morning we woke up with the sun and headed into downtown Bar Harbor for some breakfast. On our way over to Bar Harbor, we came across these really cool spider webs all glistening in the sun. This is something my Mom thought would be really cool, and as luck may have it they were in between both ends of Betsy’s Road. Check out the pics. Bar Harbor had no one here, unlike last night. We had a pick of many parking spots and we walked around. We got breakfast did a little window shopping. Checked out the dock. We found a local health food grocer so we can tofu and yummy foods 🙂 After hanging out […]