Today, we were supposed to meet up with Ron and Liz to see Fahrenheit 9/11 in NYC. After some scheduling conflicts, and then finding out that every showing in NYC from 2:00 until 11:00pm was sold out, we decided it would be easiest for Craig and I to see it up in CT and they saw it when time was available down there. So Craig and I researched the movie showtimes. Bethel Cinema and Loews were carrying it. So we decided since Bethel had the most showings we’d hit them up, and a 4:50 showing wouldn’t be too packed. Well we were wrong. Bethel Cinema was packed and people were parking in other parking lots and walking over to it. So we decided nope, not gonna do this. We drove back over to Loews, but it was only 4:40. I […]

Annual NEMC BBQ @ FDR Park

Yesterday was the annual NEMC BBQ at FDR Park over in Yorktown Heights, NY. We had a fairly good turn out, but still didn’t get the 10 cars we were looking to make. Even though the North East Member Club has one of the highest member numbers, we can never seem to get more than 9 cars to an event. The picnic went very well. Rudy did all the organizing and planning. Craig and I showed up around 1:30, and we stayed until almost 7:00. The weather held out wonderfully, couldn’t have asked for better weather. We had one new person show up. It was great getting to see everyone again.

Wish List

I haven’t posted yet about my CRV. Well the CRV has long been in my life. Well I guess not really that long, but since 1998. I got my first one then, a black one which I loved. It was what hooked me on Honda and I went from being an American car person to looking at overseas vehicles. My current CRV is a 2002 EX. I’ve done a few mods here and there. Nothing super expensive because my budget is pretty tight. So far have been the sport stickers, tinting the front windows, painting the calipers, door sill plates, side-markers (my biggest undertaking), cargo net, accent lights, accord key fob, super white parking lights, door edge guards, Sylvania Silverstar headlights, i-Vtec emblems, EX emblem, a Thule roof rack (thank you), wheel locks (thank you) and lastly my new tires […]

Favorite Channel

Melody likes to watch TV, particularly she likes Animal Planet. She also likes Discovery Channel, National Geographic and TLC. I’ve caught her watching American Choppers a few times. I snapped this pic the other morning while she was watching.

Fleet Week

I’m a bit late on doing the write up on this. For Memorial Day we traveled down to NYC and met up with Ron and his family. We walked over to the Intrepid and went to see Fleet Week. By the time we made it up to the ships it was raining pretty well. We forgot our umbrellas but Ron, Liz and Steph brought two, which they kindly shared one with us. It was nice to be able to get in for free. We waited in line for quite a while. Saw a police guy with a machine gun, definitely a deterrent in my eyes. Saw lots of navy people in their white uniforms. All Navy personnel were very cordial and nice. To get into the ship area, we had to go through a search of our pocket books and […]