Is there such a thing as perfect weather?

Yes! and I know because I experienced it today. Absolutely perfect weather. Sunny, no humidity, dark blue sky, light fluffy white clouds, and a nice breeze. You can not ask for a more perfect day. Oh yeah and it was a perfect 70 degrees. This is the kind of weather where you can work up a sweat and it’s taken a way by that nice breeze and you cool off again. So on a day like today, I went kayaking. Craig’s parents had their campsite set up at Lake Waramaug in New Preston. If you’ve never been I highly recommend it. It’s a beautiful lake, the state park is very nice, and generally it’s pretty quiet. We went up on Saturday evening, had some marshmallows over the fire, and then headed home. Sunday, we headed back up after church, and […]

Graduation Day

Today started off cold and very early. Craig headed down early and then my Mom, Craig’s parents and I rode down together to Fairfield University. Today Craig graduated with his Masters in Educational Technology. We baked under the sun, but got to see Craig graduated. The commencement speaker was Cokie Roberts. She gave a really great speech. Afterwards we headed to lunch and tonight we celebrated at the GW Tavern in Washington Depot. Craig’s parents got him a new iPod mini. This Fall Craig will be doing his student teaching and then he’ll be gainfully employable as a Library Media Specialist in the schools.

Day 10: Virginia to Connecticut

We woke up around 10:00 and visited with my Aunt and Uncle and then went to breakfast and showed them our photo slide show of the trip. We really enjoyed our visit with them. Afterwards we headed over to my grandmother’s (she lives in the same area) and picked up some stuff to bring back to my Mom, and also got to visit with her. After leaving my grandma’s we had two options for going home. Take the Maryland / Pennsylvania route or head up 95. Since we had already seen a lot of interstate traffic we opted for the Maryland / Penn route. So off we went heading up the Leesburg Pike to get to Route 15. We got stuck behind a big accident just as you get onto Route 15. While sitting there waiting to get through. We […]

Day 9: Travel Day Pensacola to Reston VA

Well this trip took forever, or at least it seemed like it. We left Pensacola around 11:30 am CST, and it seemed like forever to get to Alabama. Then Alabama seemed to take forever to go through. We got stuck in residual accident traffic in Atlanta and South Carolina, which really added time to the trip. We made it to North Carolina and then into Virginia, and tried to make time in Virginia. We rolled into Virginia at 3:20 AM and stayed at my Aunt and Uncles in Reston. One side note, we’ve passed through some really funny names towns along this trip. Mt. Comfort, Sleeper, Shorter to name a few. One good thing is the iQue is talking again, just had to re-install the audio files and all was good again.

Day 8: Pensacola Beach and Ft. Pickens

Today we got up early, had breakfast at the restaurant here where we are staying. Afterwards we drove up to the Residence Inn and “borrowed” some high speed internet to do some research about where to go and what times. Caught up with Kevin and Jamie, and kindly enough Mike helped me turn off iChat which my Mom left up at home. Our first destination was the Naval Air Museum on the Navy base in Pensacola. It was really amazing. We went into see the IMAX show “The Magic of Flight” it was a really good show. We toured the whole museum. It had some really interesting exhibits and some amazing planes. I think the photos will do a better job showing the place. After we left the NAS, we headed back to downtown Pensacola and headed over to Pensacola […]

Day 7: Pensacola

I have to say I really like Pensacola, really laid back. Today was a fun day, got up kind of late, showered and met up with Jamie and Kevin at the Schlotsky’s in Pensacola. It was great to get to meet Kevin since we have talked online quite a bit. We all chatted over some food at the deli. Afterwards Jamie had to go back to work 🙁 But Kevin took Craig and I on some off-roading. Definitely different from the off-roading I’ve done up north. No mud sadly enough due to the lack of rain down here. Here are some pics from the adventures today. After spending some time out there, Kevin had to head back home and we went off to get a bathing suit for me since I forgot mine. We then headed back to the hotel […]

Day 5: New Orleans to Pensacola

We left in the morning from New Orleans, and headed onto the highway for Pensacola. The ride over wasn’t really exciting or anything. Lots of wind, which really killed the gas mileage. We made a stop in Biloxi as per Jamie’s recommendation. It was definitely a lot more laid back than New Orleans. There were lots of casinos there. One had a show that looked like Cirque de Soleil, we looked into it but it wasn’t CDS and it wasn’t until 7:30 pm. The beaches in Biloxi were very nice. Onwards we went to Pensacola. We arrived at our hotel around 3:30. I gave Jamie a call and confirmed our plans for dinner. Next call was to Kevin to let him know we made it into town. We got ourselves together and met Jamie (2000crvlx) and his wife Sheila for […]

my iQue has become mute

So I’ve got this great little navigation aid for our trip. Except just before the trip it stops talking to me. Nice! All the sounds are coming out of every other program on it except the navigation, convenient wouldn’t yah say. Other than that the iQue has done really well. It’s gotten us to all our destinations with no problems. Twice it seemed to bug out, but once I pulled it out of the sun and let it re-calibrate all was good again. Some of the best features on this are the ability to have it tell us when the next intersection is coming up, and to estimate our arrival time at the final destination. Also getting to see the speed is very helpful, since my speedometer now has a 2% offset from the new tires. All in all, I’m […]