Missing Summer

January 10th, 2010

Summer Boardwalk

Well maybe not entirely. I used to love the winter, but that was when I lived in a house that actually stayed warm. Our apartment when the wind kicks up can be very hard to keep warm. Thus I’m kind of missing those days of basking in the sun and feeling warm all the way through. I took this photo over last summer on our only visit to White Memorial that year. I’m determined to get out and enjoy the outdoors in 2010. It seems like so long ago but in 2006, I was biking at least once a week and doing all sorts of other things outdoors.

In the spirit of getting in better health

This past week I ate vegetarian from Sunday through Thursday. Friday we started running out groceries, time and I caved and picked up Starbucks for breakfast, Subway for lunch and pizza for dinner. Lesson learned though, as my stomach was none too happy with my meal choices and I spent the evening in a lot of pain. Which leads me to thinking, maybe I do have some level of lactose intolerance. The weekend was filled with lots of out and about activities, and I made decisions that were fairly good.

I’m looking forward to going back to eating simpler, not so rich foods this week. My goal for this week is to continue with primarily vegetarian meals and get in at least two days of exercise. I have to work on my core to help my back, which has been bothering me again. I am also planning to map out different places to mountain bike between home and work. Along with that, I’m putting together a shopping list of winter bike gear; booties, pants and a bright orange fleece jacket (I like my life).

2009 Recap – 2010 Goals

January 1st, 2010

2009 Recap:

  • Turned 30
  • Been on unemployment/shared work program for 13 months
  • Fought back depression
  • Vacationed in Maine in monsoon season
  • Vacated in New Hampshire in intense humidity
  • Biked the Lincoln Woods Trail (a highlight for the year)
  • Finally bought a TV
  • Established some new friendships, that I hope will last a while
  • Partnered with new people for projects

2010 Goals:

  1. Drink water (I just don’t drink anything currently)
  2. Eat vegetarian / vegan 4 days a week
  3. Bicycle (a lot more)
  4. Shoot more photograhy both B&W film and digital
  5. Have a gallery showing/or participate in an art show by end of year
  6. Drink more tea and less coffee
  7. Read 8 books this year
  8. Bring in 3 clients in the first half of 2010
  9. Schedule alone/creative time each week
  10. Cook (and use more herbs and spices)

What are your goals for the new year?

New Year’s Resolution Generator

December 30th, 2009

New Years Resolution

Need help coming up with resolutions for 2010? Visit the New Year’s Resolution Generator.

Personally I never seem to have a problem coming up with a long list of resolutions, my usual over eager self. Of course sticking to those resolutions is a whole other matter. I’ll be following up with a post on New Year’s Day of my, very few, resolutions for 2010.

Speaking of 2010, aren’t we supposed to be seeing monoliths start arriving soon?

The Diet

March 30th, 2009

A year and several months later after putting my back out quite severely I’m feeling well enough to take on a consistent exercise routine. Turning 30 also put a bit more fuel on the fire as well.

Life’s too short to not enjoy every bit of sunshine I can get, breath fresh air and do it in a body I vaguely remember. I am happy I am able to recall the feeling of being very limber and having done gymnastics when I was younger. I used to be pretty coordinated. I can see myself now doing things in a body that is yet to be discovered.

I’m beginning this journey again, not with a sole focus on the end, but enjoying the trip. Discovering new foods, learning new exercises, pushing my limits and breaking out of the box.

My good friend inspired both Craig and I with her dedicated work doing P90X. She stuck with it for the 90 days and did see great results. Craig and I purchased the Power90 system and did do a few days of it in December but fell out of the routine. We do like the system and are going to start back up, along with bicycle riding.

I’ve got the bike rack on my car, I’ve mapped out several trails on my commute route. My goal is to get 2-5 miles in each night after work. I ride mostly dirt roads or dirt trails. I’ll work that number up as the season goes on.

I’m using LoseIt on the iPhone to track everything I’m eating and when I’m exercising, and when I can, I’ll make a video of the progress.

Let the journey begin!

Good Wednesday Morning

March 12th, 2008

Good Morning!
I’ve decided to focus on ONE goal for this week; getting up early, specifically between 5:00-5:30. I did ok this morning, I set alarms up to go off at 5:00, 5:15, 5:30 and 5:45. I did finally get up and going on the 5:45 one.

I cooked up turkey bacon, organic eggs, organic spinach, organic shredded cheese into an omelette. Had some Bolthouse juice and some organic coffee I brewed too! It was quite a morning.

I left on time for the Dentist in Danbury, got there 10 minutes early! Had a perfect visit, no cavities, no issues.

Oh and I even had some time to work on my scarf which I’ve neglected for quite a while!

And last night I “graduated” from physical therapy and am going to transition into their Wellness Program.

I’m feeling really good today!