Absolutely. Amazing.

Danxia Landform  ????

The colorful Danxia mountains of China:

dozens of her Danxia photos here

(Via kottke.org)

Alarms went off at 4am. We had to be in Danbury at 5am to load up the kitties and head over to Denny’s for breakfast. After a late start we hit the road at 7am.

New York went by quick. Craig and I were the follow car; reporting back about any swaying issues with the trailer and acting as guides to when it was safe to switch lanes. All was going pretty well.

Pennsylvania Welcomes You

Then we entered Pennsylvania. Where do I begin…carnage is a good start. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much road kill consistently along the side. Construction, holy crap they closed a lane every 30 minutes or so.

First, drunken cone placement. They were all over, never actually on the white line. Tractor trailers kept knocking them over and sometimes they’d flip back into traffic. One proceeded to flip right out in front of the Civic with no time to change path and I hit it. Gratefully no damage.

Jersey barriers and one of the scariest part of the trip so far. My family has their SUV on a tow dolly behind their 26′ moving truck. We had to pass through a section of construction with jersey barriers and the moving truck kept swaying back and forth with the two dolly fish tailing behind it. Craig and I watched as this all happened, gasping and trying to figure out to how to say something without making the situation worse. Several times mere inches were between a jersey barrier and the tow dolly.

But wait there’s more…a story could not be complete without some furniture! At a completely random point where the cars on the road had thinned, we came up on what looked like a big piece of rubber from a tire. No, it was a wooden chair frame right in the middle of the lane. I reacted quick and no damage done.

Now the scariest part, a FedEx tandem tractor trailer. He came up in the fast lane, hovered near my Mom and Dan in the moving truck, passed them and proceeded to leave a very strong wake of air which violently rocked their moving truck from side to side. The tow dolly twisted with each severe sway. Balance was recovered and we lived to make it to Ohio.

I can only hope this was the “working the kinks out” start to the trip. We’d really like to make it to Arizona alive and in one piece.

Medina Sunset

The day finished off nicely though. We all visited with old family friends from Ohio at a nearby restaurant and got treated to a vintage car groups meet at our hotel.

Barbara Jean and Betsy

Classic updated

…and now for some much needed sleep.

More pics up on Flickr in the set 2012 Road Trip.

Road Trip Eve

June 21st, 2012

I knew the day before would be crazy, and gratefully I was able to wind down at work without project craziness. I probably should have been suspicious at that point. Craig picked me up at work, we headed to Stop & Shop for some last minute travel items. Back home for pizza with my in-laws. Many thanks to them for bringing it over and taking care of our kitties while we’re gone.

Just as we started packing, my Mom called to say that they were settled and ready for us. We collected ourselves and drove down to the Holiday Inn off Exit 8 to pick up their car for the next morning. We arrived around 9:30pm and the place was packed, cars parked on the grass, valet parking and blaring music. Lots of drunk old people; yes I’m calling you out people we passed in the elevator at 11pm at night acting like you’re 19 but you’re like 49.

We visited for a little while, and then realized the time. Back home, back to packing and finishing cleaning our home. 1am we slept.

Side note: I rented a Canon 17-55mm f2.8 IS lens that is amazing. I got to play with it in the afternoon. Great lens! The depth of field is so nice.

Hold It Now

Joshua Tree Under the Milky Way from Henry Jun Wah Lee on Vimeo.

I can’t remember where I found out about Henry Jun Wah Lee’s incredibly time lapse photography, but ever since I’ve been mesmerized viewing the videos. The video above of the Perseid meteor shower and the Milky Way as seen from Joshua Tree. When we were in New Hampshire we were able to see the Milky Way from the Kancamagus Highway like I hadn’t seen it in a very long time. Everyone should have the opportunity to see the Milky Way like that.

The other video/time lapse I fell in love with is the Time Lapse Tour of Yosemite National Park. A place I would love to visit and hopefully will someday with my camera.

Weekend at the beach

August 5th, 2010

Black Point Beach

We spent the weekend, courtesy of friends at a beach rental in East Lyme/Niantic. It was a nice break from life and great times with friends. Our friend’s kids kept Craig busy wanting to play games and go exploring. While at the beach Dunkin Donuts flew their banner over head several times.

Want an Iced Coffee?

It was really peaceful to be in a private community where you can walk around, leave the house unlocked, everyone waves and says Hi, and people follow the speed limit. There was also something rejuvenating being near the water and having the expectations lowered significantly for two days. More photos on Flickr.


July 25th, 2010

Craig’s cousin Bryan graduated from college this past May. They combined his party with the 4th of July and I brought my camera. It was a lot of fun visiting with everyone and catching the moments on “film”.

Bryan and his dog Anna

Val and Autumn
Val and Autumn

Dianne, Kathy and Carolyn
Fun with cameras

The Bear Under the Bed

June 6th, 2010

The Bear Under the Bed

Unbeknownst to us the spare bedroom at our rental had a taxidermied bear under it. Craig and I had been in the room several times before my sister in law arrived and didn’t notice it. Then when she arrived and we went to make the bed, there was silence, a gasp and a scream. Of course this was all happening at night and thus making the “not what you expected” factor rise a lot more.

Before we left Craig and Kerry took some fun pics. Kerry has been vegan since the start of the year, so it seemed perfect to have her reading her book, “Simply Vegan”.

Carriage Trails

Of all the reasons to come to Maine this is by far my favorite; biking the carriage trails of Acadia. The hills are deceiving and I’m in awe of people who just fly by me. Today we did a 9 mile loop with a stop at Jordan Pond House for some pop overs.

Route: We parked at Bubble Pond, headed up to the Jordan Pond loop, went by Jordan Pond House, then around the mountain, down the backside of Eagle Lake and then back up to the Bubbles parking area.

Observations along the way:

  • I bike up hills at 3-4 mph
  • Stopping for longer than a minute after mile 5 garnered much longer start ups
  • 65 degree weather and cloudy is perfect for me for biking
  • Pack a small point and shoot camera
  • Get an extra battery pack for the iPhone
  • Listening to the Crystal Method for most of the trip seriously kept me moving?

The Cyclists


  • First ride of the season, 9 miles
  • Did not have to stop on the hills, just went slow and steady
  • Did not stress about hills, but accepted them and chose to conquer them

We managed to time our ride perfectly again to bump into the horse and carriage teams leaving the stables with their passengers. Each group waved to us and said Hi.

Classic Travels

As always I loved the ride, had a great time and wish I could do it every weekend. A slightly easier version would be nice everyday to get to work.

We had fun later in the trip where we seemed to be the only ones on the trail and we shot some video. Craig is going to be compiling it into something fun to watch and I’ll post when he does.

Great Wass Island Nature Preserve

Kerry and I decided to explore Great Wass Island today. The weather was perfect and we wanted to get out of the house, as well as get some exercise. My inlaws and Kerry had gone to this island last year but I never made it. It definitely ranks up as one of my favorite trails to hike.

Boardwalks and Butterflies

The trail included several varieties of terrain, from roots and dirt, to boardwalks and several large boulders. I love the trees through these island landscapes, they’re small and scraggly growing in directions clearly blown by the Atlantic wind. In the woods the temperature was perfect, we worked up a good sweat. Along the trail I managed to scare a red squirrel and a spruce grouse.

At the terminus of the trail we got an incredible view of the Atlantic Ocean. We had the whole beach to ourselves for quite a while.

The Hikers

The rocks were wonderfully sun baked and kept us warm as the wind picked up and made for a chilly but sunny lunch. We were able to keep with our vegan eating packing left overs. It was a great way to spend the afternoon. According to the LoseIt app, our 2.5 hour hike totaled 1100 calories burned.  We spent a total of 3.5 hours out on the island.

Bundled Up Lunch Time

Onto tomorrow and more adventures!

Retreating to Maine

May 30th, 2010

This year we’ve taken two weeks to vacation/retreat in Maine. The house as it turns out is being rented out to the public for the first time and I think we are the first renters. The view and location are incredible. We’re only 45 minutes from Bar Harbor and 20 minutes from Ellsworth. High speed internet was supposed to be in place, but it took a while for the internet company to get things going. With that said, Fairpoint is so much better to deal with than AT&T.

Bunker Cove

Unlike last year we’ve had incredible weather. Almost everyday has been sunny with a light breeze and as I said before, gorgeous views. I’m incredibly grateful for that. We’ve spent a lot of time reading and brainstorming projects and future plans. We’ve made some delicious healthy meals and working on sun tans. We both managed to get decent burns after sitting out for 5 hours on one day.

The Readers

We made a trip into Bar Harbor and enjoyed town life and lots of lobster. I visited my favorite store, Cool As A Moose and picked up some new Life Is Good swag. Today begins the second week and we’re off to do some biking and enjoy the outdoors.

View from Cadillac Mountain